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  • 特点一

    The output shaft optimized compact structure, structure type, standard for the installation of the ring ribs shallow cover design, threaded hole.

  • 特点二

    With a cast terminal box, into the line of screw sleeve at the top outlet direction connection 4*90 is convenient, flexible.

  • 特点三

    Stainless steel laser printing plate with identity. Meet a plurality of Veritas certification, such as CCS\GL etc..

  • 特点四

    Design of motor protection class IP55, suitable for harsh environment.

  • 特点五

    0.75KW and above 2\4\6 pole motor to GB18613-2012 standards for energy efficiency grade 3, and meet the IEC60034-30 standard IE2 efficiency.

  • 特点六

    The insulation system at 155 ℃ (F) design temperature level, 80K (B) and Wen Sheng rating assessment. Good insulation performance, increase the service life of the motor. Frequency application support 460V and below power supply.

  • 特点七

    The standard of high performance bearing and grease, guarantee continuous long-term reliable operation of the key components of bearing.

  • 特点八

    Rated current of the motor can withstand 1.5 times the rated voltage and frequency of the overload capacity of 2 minutes.

  • 特点九

    Processing equipment of motor 100 years of manufacturing experience, excellent manufacture technology, new automation and high standards of precision of the dynamic balance control. To ensure the quality and consistency of each product.

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Dongguan Fu Yuan Electric (Dongguan Yue Yuan Electric Co., Ltd.) was established in 1994, from its inception to the mere maintenance of electrical products Lord, gradually extended to the full range of mechanical and electrical transmission products trade, mechanical and electrical automation systems engineering construction, industrial energy-saving projects, maintenance of various electrical products , Transformation of both the large-scale mechanical and electrical services company, in the past twenty years of development, has worked with several major motor brands to create a remarkable achievement. History: 1994 collaboration with Lee loves Taiwan, Main Products: DC; responsible for after-sales service in southern China; 1996 in cooperation with Taiwan Tonic, Main products: gear motors. ...

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G120和MM4系列相比有一些重大的改进:1、控制单元(CU)和功率模块(PM)分开。这意味着同一控制单元可适应不同容量的功率模块。因此,你可以把它放在办公室做一些调试(设置BiCo),而不一定都要... [More]
“贝得”是西门子电机旗下的一个品牌吧。但是和西门子国产化的1LG0,1LE0还是有一定区别的,不能划等号。“贝得”和1LG0是同一家工厂出来的产品,但是两个产品参照的标准不一样,“贝得”参照我们... [More]
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